Network Engineer

by / Monday, 04 March 2019 / Published in Information Technology

Job Responsibilities:

  • Relevant experience as a systems administrator in a systems operations role
  • Ability to work with virtualization technology
  • Responsible for managing and monitoring most of the activities that follow the process of development once the application if designed and developed
  • Monitoring and audit systems
  • Knowledge of networking concepts (e.g., DNS, TCP/IP, and firewalls)
  • Ability to translate architectural requirements
  • Ability to deploy, manage, and operate scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant systems
  • Know how to implement and control the flow of data, to and from a service provider
  • Capability to select the appropriate services based on compute, data, or security requirements
  • Ability to estimate usage costs and identify operational cost control mechanisms
  • Capability to migrate on-premises workload to service providers
  • In charge of making sure the computer network of an organization has the capacity to process all the data of that organization.
  • Configure the network to meet the needs of the organization including security requirements.
  • Assesses the network platform and trains users to interface with the network using specific software.
  • Make projections of future network needs and create designs that will grow with the organization.
  • Monitor bandwidth usage and evaluate routers to coordinate the timing of upgrades to match the demands on the network.
  • Set up user accounts for employees in the network
  • Troubleshoot computer network problems
  • Develop installation procedures to minimize work disruption
  • Prepare backup systems to protect against outages due to disasters
  • Track network reliability
  • Coordinate the use of printers

Minimum Required: 

We require the minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in specialized field of study such as Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Science, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, CIS, IT or equivalent technical degree.

How to Apply:

Send resume to or Fax to 248-412-4055