Senior Software Developer

by / Monday, 03 February 2020 / Published in Information Technology

Job Description:

This position we require the candidate to have some experience and posses relevant course studies and certifications,

  • Setup and maintain a scalable, stable set of build, test and deploy jobs for the clients Engineering team
  • Own, extend and maintain the AWS & ICP based infrastructure hosting the CI/CD tools and ensure Client have scalable, global infrastructure to support product and development team needs
  • Extend the build system for new application initiatives when needed.
  • Take ownership of core automation tools such as Gerrit, Jenkins, Github, CircleCI, Chef, Ansible, Puppet, Vagrant, Packer, Terraform, Apache, Tomcat, Ant, Maven and extend/maintain as needed
  • Ensure the infrastructure is secure, recoverable (disaster, data) and maintained (security patches, tool upgrades, etc.) and highly automated
  • Design automated, containerized cloud application with a focus on application concerns, including cloud-ready distributed application architectures, migrating workloads to containers, containerized development workflows, and integrating container platforms with automated CI and CD pipelines.
  • Provide mentoring to the developer community in the best practices associated with CI/CD deployments using Jenkins, Maven, and GIT.
  • Assist in the design, build, management and operation of the continuous delivery framework and tools, and act as a subject matter expert on CI/CD for client developer teams.
  • Assist in the design, build, management and operation of the infrastructure as a service layer (hosted and cloud-based platforms) that supports the different platform services.
  • Write and build continuous delivery pipelines to manage and automate the lifecycle of the different platform components.


This position requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of work or equivalent work experience.  This position we require the candidate to have some experience in addition to the educational background because the candidate must independently resolve with minimal supervision related to cost-effective analysis or technical workload.

Send Resume to or Fax: 248-412-4055